Welcome to Tunnel Park

A virtual amusement park for little kids to explore, with a roller coaster, mini golf,
a bouncy palace, an ice cream stand, a toy factory, and lots of other fun stuff!
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From the imagination of a child

Tunnel Park was born out of a daydream of our 4-year-old son. He wanted to build it as a real life amusement park, which was not really practical, but I convinced him it would make a really great app instead. I want to show him how it is possible to make his dreams a reality, so I have involved him in all aspects of building Tunnel Park.

Open-ended play

Open-ended gameplay in Tunnel Park allows children to express themselves freely and creatively, not bound by preset limitations. So not only is Tunnel Park a really fun game for young kids, but it's a rare game that parents will feel good about their kids playing. Because it doesn't have checkpoints or a finish line, your child won't be frustrated when you tell them screen time is over. Any parent to toddlers knows how much of a disaster that can be!


Video Demo

Watch a video preview of the Tunnel Park gameplay

Funtastic Features

Tunnel Park is like a pop-up storybook brought to life. Tap a character on the screen, and they start a fun activity. Here's just a few examples.

Bouncy Palace

Tap on these kids to get them jumping in the enormous bouncy palace!

Dog Park

Hang out at the dog park and toss the frisbee to this pup!

Snack Shack

Stop by the Snack Shack for a nice cold soft serve cone!